Caring for 100% cotton is easier than it seems !


Hand wash or Machine ? 

Hand-washing is always recommended. However, if that isn't possible you can still use your machine ! It is best to use the 'delicate' option and cold water if you decide to machine wash. Using warm water is okay... however hot water will shrink cotton in the wash ! Only use hot water if you intend to size down an item... 


Hang dry or dryer ? 

You can dry most cotton items in the dryer ! Tumble drying on a low setting is recommended. You can also hang dry to eliminate the chance so nothing shrinks ! If you have already shrunk an item, or have put them in the drying before without any issue, then you should be safe to continue this method ! 


Happy cotton washing :)

    June 23, 2022 — Chiriki Curphey