When does the shipping process begin ?

Parcels will be sent out for shipping every Tuesday morning. Keep this in mind when viewing the estimated shipping date for your order !

What are my shipping options ?

A variety of shipping carriers are offered for you to choose at checkout. Choose your preferred carrier (they offer different delivery dates, tracking options and prices).


Tempol recommendation !  

We recommend that you pay for the tracked shipping option to know exactly where your parcel is and when it will arrive.


If you pay for the cheaper non trackable option your parcel will still arrive !! However, once It’s been given to the post office the time of arrival and the location of your parcel is out of our hands !


We cannot track or tell you when your parcel will arrive if you have not paid to track it ! Therefore, we recommend you pay for tracked shipping so we can help you to our best abilities.


*Missing or lost packages are NOT Tempol’s responsibility…