Over the past 28 years, Suzanne has grown close with her tailors and their families ! Watching them grow along with us, attending their weddings, funerals and birthdays we remain tightly knitted. She designs all her Tempol creations with them, hand picks recycled sari silk and cloth from the block printers, and checks through all her pieces individually for quality control. As for the jewlery, Suzanne searches through all those tiny family owned shops where she sorts through to find all our Tempol treasures ! Piece chosen by the artisans in Tibetan markets throughout India. 

Supporting tailors, artisans and Tibetan refugees who have become family to us, Suzanne constantly gives back to the Indian community with her earnings. A large portion of her profits go back to the communities, schools, charities and village life. By supporting us, you are supporting a large community throughout India. 

As anyone close to Suzanne will know, she in a hands on worker and strays away from anything online ! This is why she handed the online opportunity to me, her daughter :) Online, I hope to share her creations alone with my own ! 

Tempol was inspired by my mother’s love of travel, of adventure, of exploration, or learning and of experience. After travelling the world and being nomadic all her life, India’s colours caught her and drew her in. 


Hope you enjoy 🌺