Silk Marina Frill

By Tempol

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Silk Marina Frill !! This multi purpose colourful garment can be used as a skirt or dress ☺️

This flowy layered material makes for a beautiful design that can be dressed up or down easily depending on your preference ! Classy and unique ! Tie the strings in a pretty bow for a strapless look, or tie them around the neck for more support !!

Designed from recycled sari silk & ethically handmade with love !

Keep in mind that our silks are one of one items ! Meaning there is only ONE of each piece available !! Grab your favourite and keep it uniquely yours 

 Material: 70% silk, 30% polyester. 


Waist: Stretchy band (20in - 36in)

Length: 33in

Bust: A-C cup 

Weight: 230g